Experts Program Toolkit

The objective of this Experts Program Toolkit is to create a training material that provides the project’s target groups with the knowledge and skills needed to modernize existing machineries in order to make them “smart“ and more adapted to the nowadays requirements of the manufacturing industry: flexibility, friendly interfaces, ability to produce customized products, etc. The result will provide the skills needed to update the machineries software, to upgrade the existing automation or to add new hardware, while leaving the mechanical parts unchanged and making machines again or otherwise competitive.

The Experts Program Toolkit is divided in 5 chapters:

C1. Argument, objectives, purpose of the program – EN RO ES PO CR IT

C2. Recover updated machines (devices) using Arduino technology – EN RO ES PO CR IT

C3. Social innovation – EN RO ES PO CR IT

C4. Entrepreneurial competences – EN RO ES PO CR IT

C5. Green skills – EN RO ES PO CR IT